Thursday, January 10, 2008

Strangers At the Door

American Airlines neglected to get one of my suitcases (incidentally, the one with the electronics I was carrying for our office) onto my flight departing Boston; I realized this at Heathrow’s baggage claim, when I was racing to get to Gatwick for my flight to Monrovia. Luckily for me, AA connected my suitcase to an SN Brussels flight. That flight arrived today - and after a speedy unpacking job, I confirmed that everything arrived.

I was at my apartment early this afternoon to finish this task and decided to show our landlord a broken screen in one of our windows while I was home. Mohammed inspected the window and said he would send someone up to fix it later.

I quickly made lunch, and no sooner had I sat down than I heard someone knock on the door, then saw a face peering through the window. Assuming this was the man to fix my window, I unlocked the door … and found no one. I walked onto the porch in time to see a man leaving the compound – the garage door was open, unattended of course.

This is at least the third time that I’ve been home, midday (previous times were Sundays), and someone has knocked and disappeared. Based on my apartment’s earlier experience with someone finding the door open, and subsequently cleaning out a purse sitting in a living room, I can only imagine that people have success with just trying to open various doors.


The Dodge's said...

Hi Amanda
Found your blog- hope all is well with you! This is cool that we can see what you are up to. Jarrett is studying Africa in Social Studies now and he is going to share with the class where you are. We'll continue to follow you- good luck! Stay safe.
The Dodge's

Shelby said...

Kind of scary. That happened once to me--a guy knocked saying he wanted to fix out "cable." We, of course, never had cable. I told him if he wanted to enter he should come back up with Mohammed but he disappeared. Stay safe. And I love your posts.